Summary on NIST Compliances

Since technological advancement was recorded and the influence impacting a big part of human life, security and technical progress was recorded to every country implementing the idea.

Various components make up this part of the advancement, and one of the key resources a country could possess is a NIST standard system. The influence that the NIST standard system has made some of the guidelines to be given a top priority concern by many countries in their high tech companies currently. Find out more at

A National Institute of Standard and Technology is not one of the top governmental institutes as they tend to work on a non-regulatory based system to assist their government in the advancement of their country's technology that influences significant innovative such as to curb the present economic competition at their industries based on technology and science. 

To facilitate this, the NIST system introduced a couple of federal regulatory compliances that help in making the government achieve their Federal Information System Management Act and also the NIST system is beneficial in its duties that the protection of some of those federal agencies information through budget-able programs.

NIST system works in congruence with FIPS and FISMA, where you will find that the secretary of the federal commerce is responsible for approving FIPS together with some of the top federal agencies that must comply. NIST has a unique form of documentation also known as Special Publication (SP) 800- series, where they cab can highlight their recommendations and their guidance on some of its compliances for their government systems. Look up NIST 800-171 online to learn more.  

Any country's agency that is not yet under a national security program or system level is then required to follow the guidelines that NIST system has provided at their document. 

Looking at the steps to FISMA compliances set up by NIST system, they include: 

Any important data that needs protection should first be categorized.

The dates might be significant, and one or minimum controls could be essential in the management and protection of the information. 

After they are done setting up a minimum uniform baseline control, then they conduct risk test in it.

Develop up a federal system plan that is in written form containing the baseline controls. 

Apply some security measures to control your information system.

Once the security controls, it is important to monitor its performance levels so as to measure some of the controls in the security section.

The next step of the compliance is to analyses the level risk of any agency based on the security controls that you applied.

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